Flood risk and sea defences

Protecting our city from flood risk is a top priority for Portsmouth.

Sea levels around Portsmouth are due to rise by around 70cm over the next 70 years and the existing coastal defences at Tipner West are in poor condition. It’s estimated that defences on Horsea Island East may fail within 5-10 years and within 10-15 years on Tipner West.

Sea level rises at Tipner West would cause the protected intertidal mudflats and coastal meadow to flood – it is anticipated that intertidal habitats are likely to see a 40 per cent reduction by 2120. Flooding could also leak through to Tipner East and Stamshaw. Any flooding also risks releasing contaminates present in the ground into Portsmouth Harbour.

The council has a responsibility to protect residents and homes from flooding. This site currently represents a weak spot in our defences, particularly in comparison to the North Portsea and Southsea coastal defence schemes.

The environment

Local habitats