New homes in Portsmouth

Portsmouth needs thousands of new, good-quality and affordable homes. We know families in particular struggle to find homes that meet their needs today and for the future.

As part of the regeneration of Tipner West, there is an opportunity to build the new homes that Portsmouth residents want and can afford, as well as the homes needed for people who will work in the green marine employment hub.


The number of new homes will depend on the agreed plans and proposal for the site. There will be a mix of flats and houses of different sizes to suit different households and Portsmouth’s population. The new homes will be ready for how we’ll live and work in future.  

As plans for the site develop, we will invite residents to review the plans and designs for new homes and give us feedback.

There will be a mix of affordable rent or shared ownership homes. In line with the council’s policy, at least 30 per cent of new homes at Tipner West will be affordable housing.

It is a priority to build homes that local people can afford to buy or rent and that support key workers in our community. 

The final mix and number of homes, including affordable homes and social housing, will need to be agreed and looked at as part of the viability of the scheme. We will invite residents to share their views.  

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