Marine employment

Tipner West’s location makes it the ideal home for a green marine employment hub. A natural complement to the Solent Freeport, a marine employment hub will bring work and training opportunities, drive investment into Portsmouth, and build on the city’s great maritime heritage.

The marine and maritime sector is the largest sector in the Solent region and the Solent is the highest ranked and most diverse marine cluster in England and Wales.

The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership has identified a need for more floorspace, manual and skilled jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities across ship building, engineering, maritime research and green technology to boost the UK’s marine and maritime sector. Tipner West has been identified as the only place in the Solent where it’s possible to deliver the right mix of facilities with deep water access.


There is an opportunity for 58,000 square metres of marine employment space at Tipner West and Horsea Island East. The Tipner West site, on the former scrapyard, will be home to new boatyards, boat sheds, workshops, offices and stores.

At Horsea Island East there is the chance to introduce facilities for research and development, office space and educational facilities. The two sites will be linked by a new bridge for buses, bikes and pedestrians. 

The combination of deep-water access, excellent transport connections, and location within the Solent makes Tipner West the perfect location. It will be able to link into the Solent Freeport, capitalise on Portsmouth’s heritage and skills and address the decline of shipbuilding in the city. 

We know that there are leading businesses in the marine and maritime sector that are eager to see new facilities in Portsmouth and to invest in the city.  

Yes. the local curriculum is already equipping young people in Portsmouth with the right skills and knowledge to make the most of the job opportunities a new green marine employment hub will offer. The facilities at Horsea Island East will also open up further education, research and development opportunities.

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