Tipner West

Portsmouth’s once-in-a-generation opportunity

Tipner West is a unique site that offers the opportunity for thousands of new jobs in the marine sector and new homes for people in Portsmouth. It is a complex site but one where we can create a new gateway to the city that celebrates Portsmouth’s location, heritage and skills.

This opportunity was recognised by central government when Portsmouth was awarded £48.75 million to invest in growth, critical infrastructure, skills and jobs at Tipner West and Horsea Island East.

We have the chance to

Create 58,000 sqm of green marine employment space

Introduce over 4,000 new jobs and training placements

Build good quality new homes that people in Portsmouth can afford and want to live in

Link Tipner West and Horsea Island East with a new bridge for buses, bikes and pedestrians

This area has important environmental protections. It’s also at risk from rising sea levels. You can find out more about the natural habitats and flood risk at Tipner West on the environment page.

As plans for Tipner West develop, Portsmouth’s residents will have an opportunity to share their ideas and provide feedback to the council through public consultations, community events, focus groups and a community panel.

Find out more

Respecting the natural environment at Tipner West
Building homes for people in Portsmouth
Creating thousands of new marine sector jobs

Building Portsmouth’s future

Tipner West has an important role to play in helping us achieve our ambitious regeneration goals for Portsmouth. Billions of pounds are being invested in the city to achieve our aspirations for the future, drive growth and prosperity, strengthen our communities and celebrate our skills and heritage.

Regeneration and development in Portsmouth matter so we can

Build thousands of good-quality homes for people in Portsmouth

Create jobs and opportunities for a highly-skilled, homegrown workforce

Boost the local economy and make sure Portsmouth is an exciting place to do business

Generate millions for local services through innovation, growth and investment

Create places that strengthen our communities and sense of belonging

Transform transport for cleaner air, better connectivity, and a more sustainable future

Support greener, healthier and happier lives in Portsmouth

Benefit from Portsmouth‘s location and protect our city from flood risk