Tipner West project update

A new Local Plan for Portsmouth is expected to come into effect in 2022. This will set out the council’s approach to development across the city, including its preferred approach for Tipner West. As part of the Local Plan, the LPA is currently considering the options for Tipner West, including those evaluated by the Tipner West project team and put forward by members of the public, as part of the Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation.

A cross-party working group of councillors has been established to discuss the strategic outcomes required in the new Local Plan, focussed on the intended approach for Tipner. These meetings will seek to finalise the key strategic decisions of the Local Plan.

Once Portsmouth’s councillors have determined the content of the final draft Local Plan, including the recommended way forward for Tipner West, it will be set out for Regulation 19 consultation and submitted to the Secretary of State.

Following the Local Plan Regulation 19 consultation and approval from the Secretary of State, the council will have established its ambitions for Tipner West and can progress its preferred option for the site.